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Pet Wellness Exam with Your Local Vet in Castle Rock

What are Pet Wellness Exams?

Pet wellness exams, also known as pet check-ups, are an important part of your pet's overall health and well-being. Our vet in Castle Rock offers these exams for pets of all ages and levels of health.

Wellness exams for your pet include a general assessment of your pet's overall health. This includes blood work, urine testing, and screening for parasites. It usually includes any vaccinations your pet may need, as well. The exam is usually recommended for pets to receive once a year unless your pet has a chronic health condition or is elderly. In these instances, wellness exams are typically recommended twice a year. Getting these pet exams in Castle Rock ensures your pet's health is protected by being able to detect any signs of disease at their earliest stages when they are easiest to treat (and, even cure).

pet wellness exams with our veterinary care clinic in castle rock

What to Expect at Your Pet's Exam at Our Veterinarian in Castle Rock

When you bring your pet to our veterinarian in Castle Rock for an annual or semi-annual exam, you will be asked to give information about your pet's health as you have observed it. This will give your veterinarian in Castle Rock, CO an opportunity to check these things out on your pet, and make sure they are not issues to be concerned about or recommend treatment for them if required.

Your pet will have their blood, urine, and stool tested, as well as a recording and assessment of vital statistics. If your pet already has a health issue, more specialized tests may be done to observe how the condition is doing and whether your pet needs intensive treatment, or if they are improving.

Even if you have an indoor pet, you never know when parasites might become an issue, so the exam will test for this too. This is done by examining the stool sample and blood. If parasites are found, the appropriate treatment will be given to eradicate them and make your pet comfortable and healthy once more.

The urinalysis is used to determine if your pet's kidneys are working properly and whether diabetes is becoming an issue. If there is an undiagnosed UTI, the test will detect it and allow your pet to be treated and cured before it becomes an issue. This test can also detect any inflammation your pet may be experiencing, which allows the veterinarian to look for the cause and treat it.

Make a Pet’s Wellness Exam Appointment with Your Vet in Castle Rock

If you want your pet to have the best health possible (and what pet parent doesn't?), then contact our professional and experienced animal hospital in Castle Rock at (303) 474-4260 to make an appointment for your pet's wellness exam. We are eager to meet you and your pet and welcome you both to the Brekke Veterinary Clinic family.