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Preventative Pet Care With Our Castle Rock VeterinarianPreventative Pet Care in castle rock

Preventative care helps pets live longer, healthier lives. Taking your pet to the veterinarian on an annual basis will help the vet catch illnesses and chronic conditions in their early stages, so your pet can get the treatment he or she needs to make a recovery and manage pain. As your vet in Castle Rock CO, Brekke Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of preventative treatments for pets. Whether your pet is in need of blood work, spaying or neutering, vaccinations or more, we can help.


Vaccines are injections of organisms that imitate infections. Vaccinations help pets to develop immunity to specific common illnesses and deadly diseases. When pets are exposed to the actual viruses and bacteria that cause these illnesses, the pet's immune system is able to fight off the illness and stay healthy.

Vaccinations are divided into core and non-core categories. At Brekke Veterinary Clinic, we administer core vaccinations to our pet patients, and determine whether or not non-core vaccinations are warranted. We recommend non-core vaccinations as needed to help reduce each patient's risk for serious illness.

Wellness Exams

Annual checkups, also known as wellness exams, help us catch conditions and diseases in their early stages. During wellness exams, we perform blood work, check for parasite infection, listen to your pet's breathing and heart rate, examine your pet's physical body, assess your pet's behavior, answer questions about pet care and administer treatments for the purposes of parasite prevention. We may also take this time to administer vaccinations or remind you about any booster shots that your pet will need in the near future.

Dental Care

Pet dental care is important for keeping your pet's teeth and gums healthy. Without regular checkups and cleanings from the veterinarian, your pet could be vulnerable to tooth infections and gum disease. Since dental infections have a way of spreading to other parts of the body, routine dental care can help your pet avoid serious problems in the future. During dental care procedures, we'll clean the plaque from your pet's teeth and polish the enamel to help protect your pet from plaque buildup in the future.

Spay & Neuter Services

Spaying and neutering can stop unwanted pet pregnancies. In addition, spaying and neutering can help reduce your pet's risk of certain diseases that affect the reproductive system. Getting your pet spayed or neutered early in life can help improve your pet's overall quality of life and can even help your pet live longer.

Contact Your Pet's Castle Rock Veterinarian for Preventative Care

As your pet's veterinarian in Castle Rock, Brekke Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of preventative treatments for pets in the area. Getting your pet preventative care early and often throughout your pet's life can help your pet live longer and better. To make an appointment for preventative care, contact us today at (303) 474-4260.