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Pet Microchipping From Our Veterinarian in Castle Rock, COpet microchipping in castle rock co

Every year our staff at the Brekke Veterinary Clinic hears sad stories of lost or stolen cats and dogs.  Pet microchipping in Castle Rock could help reunite you with a lost pet.  Our veterinarian in Castle Rock can perform this simple procedure in seconds.

How Does Pet Microchipping in Castle Rock Work?

Pet microchipping in Castle Rock takes about as long as it does to administer an injection.  Using a needle, our vet in Castle Rock places a microchip with a unique number under your pet’s skin, typically between the animal’s shoulder blades.  A chip is about the size of a single grain of rice. 

A microchip is not a type of GPS device.  After implantation, an owner must contact its manufacturer to provide information stored in the manufacturer’s chip registry. 

When the staff at our animal hospital in Castle Rock or at a shelter runs a scanner over a microchipped pet, the scanner detects and reads the chip’s number.  Once there is a match between the number and owner contact information in the registry, the process to reach the owner begins.

Pet chipping in Castle Rock isn’t just for dogs and cats.  It’s also appropriate for horses, ferrets, and most other types of mammals.

Benefits of Microchipping

Our veterinarian in Castle Rock notes that as many as 8 million animals arrive at shelters each year.  Just 15 to 20 percent of dogs are able to reunite with their owners.  For cats, the figure is fewer than 2 percent. 

Pet chipping in Castle Rock greatly improves your cat or dog’s chance of returning home.  Unlike collars and tags that can come loose, a microchip is permanent. 

Our staff can schedule microchip implantation at your convenience.  You can make a special appointment for this procedure or request to have it done during an annual exam or another routine service.

Microchips are essentially maintenance-free.  All an owner has to do is make sure contact information remains current in the registry’s database.  It is also a good idea to ask our staff to check your pet’s chip annually by scanning it.  Tags showing owner contact information and a current rabies vaccination combined with a microchip give your pet the best chance of getting back to you if lost or stolen.

Call Our Animal Hospital in Castle Rock

Our animal hospital in Castle Rock, CO offers veterinary services to take care of everything your pet needs, from preventative care to emergency services.  Call us at the Brekke Veterinary Clinic today at (303) 474-4260 to make an appointment for pet microchipping from our vet in Castle Rock, Dr. Jay Brekke, or to get additional information.  We are dedicated to promoting the human-animal connection and providing compassionate care to the very special pet in your life.