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Your Place for Pet Exams in Castle Rock

If you want your pets to enjoy the best possible health for many years to come, pet exams in Castle Rock are a simple fact of life. These visits can be enormously helpful in detecting and dealing with any little health threats now before they can become major problems later. Our Castle Rock vet at Brekke Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Jay Brekke, is happy to provide your special friends with the pet exams they need at all stages of life.

A basic wellness exam should be administered to most healthy adult animals on an annual basis. during a typical wellness exam, our Castle Rock vet will inspect your pet from head to tail, checking the eyes, ears, skin and other external features for any signs of injuries, tumors or other ailments. We check vital signs while also performing lab tests such as fecal evaluations to check for any signs of parasite infestation or other abnormalities. Weighing your pet can help us determine whether some extra pounds need to be shed through a combination of dietary changes and exercise. Last but not least, pet exams in Castle Rock are a great opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you might have about your pet's health with us.

A Lifetime of Care from Our Castle Rock Vet

In addition to routine wellness exams, we also offer other types of exams tailored to address specific veterinary needs and issues. These include:

  • Dental exams - Your pet's teeth, gums and oral cavity require regular evaluations, ideally scheduled alongside an annual wellness exam. These evaluations alert our Castle Rock vet to the presence of tooth damage or decay, gum disease (which can lead to secondary bacterial infections throughout the body) and oral cancer. Prompt treatment of these and other oral issues can help save your pet's teeth and overall health.

  • Puppy and kitten exams - Puppies and kittens require even more careful attention than the healthy adults they will hopefully become. Baby animals are extremely vulnerable to pests, parasites and infections; their nutritional requirements are also somewhat different from those of older animals. Bring your new pint-sized pet to our clinic so we can check vital signs, perform de-worming if necessary, and prescribe the first steps in a lifetime of preventative care.

  • Senior pet exams - Pets need more frequent exams as they get older and their bodies fall prey to age-related diseases and disorders. Senior pets are more likely to develop organ failure, vision and hearing impairments, cognitive impairment, arthritis, dental problems, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. Sedentary senior pets may also become obese if we do not adjust their dietary intake. We may recommend two or more pet exams a year for senior pets so we can monitor their condition more diligently and make lifestyle or treatment recommendations.

Schedule Your Pet Exam in Castle Rock Today

If your pet is due for an exam, Contact Brekke Veterinary Clinic. Our Castle Rock vet looks forward to seeing both of you!