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Pet Cancer Treatments in Castle RockPet cancer treatments & lump removal

The word "cancer" quite rightly strikes fear into the hearts of just about everyone, including pet owners. If you're worried about this killer disease, our vet can help. Here at Brekke Veterinary Clinic, we offer reassurance in the form of both preventative care and skilled pet cancer treatments in Castle Rock.

When Cancer Strikes Your Beloved Pet

Many of the same types of cancers that afflict humans can just as easily afflict pets. Some may make their first appearance in the form of mysterious lumps, weight loss, lethargy or breathing problems, while other early-stage cancers may only be detectable through lab tests. Here are just a few of the more common pet cancers:

  • Skin cancers - Melanoma, squamous cells, mast cell and other types of skin cancer can appear anywhere in your pet's skin, including the tissues of the oral cavity.
  • Lymphoma - Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer. In cats, it may stem from a disease called feline leukemia virus.
  • Breast cancer - Adult pets are subject to mammary gland (breast) cancer. The risk is significantly higher for pets that haven't been spayed or neutered.
  • Reproductive cancers - Unless your pets have been spayed or neutered, they are vulnerable to reproductive cancers such as testicular, ovarian and uterine cancer.
  • Bone cancer - Bone cancer is a disease most commonly seen in larger breeds of dogs whose bones grow a great deal in a relatively short time.
  • Brain tumors - Brain tumors in pets may cause alarming symptoms such as seizures and unaccountable changes in your pet's behavior.
  • Bladder cancer - Cancer of the bladder may be more prevalent in certain breeds such as West Highland Terriers.

Brekke Veterinary Clinic Offers Pet Oncology in Castle Rock

When you need pet oncology, trust Brekke Veterinary Clinic to provide a high standard of care. Our lab tests include cancer screenings, X-rays and other diagnostic techniques to determine the cause of any symptoms your pet may be displaying. We also perform lump removal in Castle Rock. While many lumps are simply benign masses, lump removal allows us to perform a biopsy. If cancer cells are present, we can administer additional treatment as needed. These may include:

  • Surgery to remove additional tissue around a cancerous tumor or additional internal/external tumors
  • Chemotherapy to kill cancer cells are shrink tumors in your pet

If your main concern is stopping future cancer in its tracks, our veterinarian in Castle Rock can administer regular wellness exams to check internal functions, palpate the skin and catch any problems as soon as the first signs appear. Vaccinations against feline leukemia virus and spay/neuter surgery from our vet can also help pets remain cancer free.

Talk to Our Veterinarian in Castle Rock CO

Our veterinarian in Castle Rock CO can help your pet avoid or overcome the hazards of cancer. Call (303) 474-4260 to schedule a consultation, wellness exam or treatment!