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Your Castle Rock Veterinarian Features the eVetPractice Patient Portal

If you’re not familiar with the eVetPractice Patient Portal yet, then you’ve been missing out on the benefits of one of the most innovative tools in veterinary medicine. This streamlined integrated software program could actually save your pet’s life in an emergency situation. Furthermore, if you ever need to see another Castle Rock veterinarian or move to another city, the eVetPractice Patient Portal allows both you and your practitioner access to valuable information about your pet — all with a few touches at a keyboard or smartphone. To access the patient portal quickly click the link in the image below!

The Benefits of Having a Castle Rock Vet with eVetPractice Patient Portal Access

A Castle Rock vet that employs this valuable tool can more effectively serve the health needs of your pet while giving you complete access to vital information to help you manage your veterinary needs more effectively. Here are some perks of the eVetPractice Patient Portal that allows you and authorized persons to electronically access medical records.

1. Enjoy the freedom to edit and review personally information 24/7.

2. Review your pet’s medical records and history any time you want. This also allows veterinarians, boarding facilities, and groomers with access to the eVetPractice Patient Portal to have immediate access to pertinent information concerning your pet. This comes in handy during emergencies when your pet has been injured and needs to see another vet, or when you need to prove that they have been properly vaccinated for grooming and boarding needs.

3. You can make an appointment and see scheduled appointments, view your account balance and see when your pet is due for vaccinations.

4. If you’re pet requires any tests completed off-site, partnered laboratory results are automatically integrated into the system for seamless medical records.

Looking for a Veterinarian in Castle Rock with the eVetPractice Patient Portal Access?

Dr. Jay Brekke is an experienced veterinarian in Castle Rock Colorado that enjoys membership access to this marvelous service. Conveniently located at 856 W. Happy Canyon Road, stop by our office or call us at (303) 474-4260 to schedule an appointment and get in on the benefits of having eVetPractice Patient Portal Access.

Click Here to Access the eVetPractice Portal!