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Jay Brekke, DVM

Head Veterinarian

Dr. Jay Brekke has had a dedication to animals from a young age. His experiences loving and helping animals as a child led directly to his passion for veterinary medicine. Dr. Brekke completed his undergraduate degree in 3 years and earned early acceptance to Colorado State’s Veterinary program. Dr. Brekke earned his degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in 2013. After graduating, Dr. Jay practiced in southern Colorado as an associate veterinarian before starting his own clinic. He is well-read and always striving to improve his veterinary knowledge through research of veterinary medicine advancements to best serve every patient.

Dr. Jay will go that extra mile for each pet to provide the best treatment which may entail collaborating with specialists across the country. He truly believes in the value of the human-animal connection and takes a client-focused approach to treatment. His special interests in veterinary medicine include: Soft tissue surgery, infectious disease and internal medicine. 

Dr. Brekke dedicates time to serving organizations and animals in need. He currently provides care to multiple Colorado animal rescues with low cost spay and neutering and veterinary care. Dr. Jay serves on the board of Natures Educators a non-profit wildlife education organization, as well as the board of trustees for the American Veterinary Medical Association LIFE insurance program. When he is not practicing, Dr. Brekke enjoys the outdoors, traveling and spending time with his family. He has owned Labrador Retrievers and a German Short-haired Pointer. Since meeting his wife he now has a special place in his heart for poodles.

Gina Brekke

Practice Manager

Joining Dr. Jay, Practice Manager Gina has been helping humans her whole life. Her knowledge of how your Happiness affects your Health, and her life-long love for animals, has led her to become passionate about the Animal-Human connection. She specializes in helping you understand your pets, and maintain your strong bond with them.

Together, Dr. Jay and Gina Brekke will help you enhance the connection of Health and Happiness between you and your precious animals. Brekke Veterinary Clinic understands how much love and joy pets bring to your life. We look forward to working with you and your pet, so you can enjoy giving back the love they give to you!

Mary Wolf

Veterinary Assistant

Mary Wolf is a Veterinary Assistant and she will be working towards her veterinary technician certification over the next year. She earned an Emergency Medical Degree and Fire Science Degree in 2013 then soon became a fire fighter. Mary enjoyed her experience as a fire fighter but it could not withstand her love and desire to care for animals. She transitioned into veterinary care where she was able to apply her skills and knowledge and enhanced the Brekke Vet Clinic animal-human connection philosophy. In her spare time she enjoys dancing with animals, cooking and traveling.

“I love working at Brekke Veterinary Clinic because of the wonderful work environment, all the animal love and meeting great people.”

Stephanie Melman

Certified Veterinary Technician

Biography coming soon!

Kimmie Guthrie

Veterinary Receptionist

Biography coming soon!

Kelsie Tripp

Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Our Staff's Furry Family

Joey is a pom-poo and full of energy. He enjoys high-fives, spinning counter clockwise with excitement, and is always the first one to greet humans. His adorable ears and empathetic personality never leaves us with an empty lap.

Gemma is a phantom toy poodle who loves to prance. Her sweet and playful personality has us smitten. Thanks to Dr. Jay, she cuddles daily and her preferred nickname is “NuNu”. She is a take charge gal who is sure to check the perimeter to ensure the safety of other dogs.

Gwen is a German short-haired pointer. She is a ball of energy that loves to run and run and run! She enjoys the outdoors, especially pointing birds high and low. Her wiggles are endless and her loyalty is forever.